Cafecito Central Lempira logo

Beans: Finca Los Laureles, Lempira, Natural, Santa Barbara, Honduras. Shop: Cafecito Central, Webshop, Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Cafecito Central – Lempira: Background information. The Cafecito Central Lempira is a coffee from Finca Los Laureles in Honduras. The finca is owned by Ruth and Ramon Enamorado and is located in theRead More →

Eau de cafe Panama Hartmann Filter

  Beans: Caturra, Finca Hartmann, Boquete, Panama. Distilled: De Pronckheer, Cothe, The Netherlands Shop: Boot Koffie, webshop, The Netherlands. Eau de Cafe Panama Hartmann Filter: Background information. Eau de Cafe Panama Hartmann Filter is a product that came into existence by two parties: Boot Baarn and distillery De Pronckheer inRead More →

Lot Sixty One Nosegrind logo

Beans: Nosegrind, Heirloom Guji G1, Wolichu Wachu station, Oromia, Ethiopia. Catuai, Francisco Irene Oliveira station, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. Shop: Lot sixty One, webshop, Coffee shop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Lot Sixty One – Nosegrind: Background information. Lot Sixty One roaster Ray Luca send me the Nosegrind with the message that thisRead More →

Finca Tamana Lot Sixty One logo

Beans: Finca Tamana, Caturra, Semi Washed, Huila, Colombia. Shop: Lot Sixty One, web shop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Lot Sixty One – Finca Tamana: Background information. The semi washed Finca Tamana coffee from Lot Sixty One in Amsterdam is a coffee with a lot to tell about. The farm is locatedRead More →

Cafecito Central Familia Perez

Beans: Cafecito Central, Familia Perez, Catuai, Natural Process, La Paz, Honduras. Shop: Cafecito Central, webshop, Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Cafecito Central – Familia Perez: Background Information. In this review I will tell something about the Catuai Natural from Cafecito Central. This coffee comes from La Paz in Honduras and originatesRead More →

slurping your coffee

Imagine yourself sitting in a fancy restaurant with your partner and some of your close friends. The first of seven courses has just been served and the sommelier poured you a small glass of wine for you to taste. You take the glass of wine in your hand, swirl theRead More →

Stooker Specialty Coffee Reko 4

Beans: Stooker Specialty Coffee, Kurume, Heirloom, Washed, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Shop: Stooker Specialty Coffee, Web shop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Stooker Specialty Coffee – Reko: Background information. For this Review, I will talk about the Stooker Specialty Coffee Reko. This coffee comes from the Yirgacheffe province in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is world famousRead More →

Stooker Specialty Coffee Kenya Karani logo

Beans: Stooker Kenya Karani, SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Washed, Karani Washing station, Kirinyaga, Kenya. Shop: Stooker Specialty Coffee, Webshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Stooker Specialty Coffee – Kenya Karani: Background information. Stooker Specialty Coffee has a really interesting Kenya for sale at the moment: the Kenya Karani. This Kenyan coffee comesRead More →

Coffeexperts Sigri AA

Beans: Typica, Catimor, Caturra, Washed, Sigri Plantation, Waghi Valley, West highlands, Papua New Guinea. Shop: Coffeexperts, Webshop, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands. Coffeexperts – Sigri AA: Background information. In this review I will discuss the Sigri AA coffee from Coffeexperts. This Sigri AA comes from Papua New Guinea, a relative new countryRead More →

Paddle Coffee Roasters Elida Estate 4

Beans: Elida Estate, Catuai, Natural process, Alto Quiel, Boquete, Panama. Shop: Paddle Coffee roasters, Panama City, Panama. Paddle Coffee Roasters – Elida Estate: Background information. The Elida Estate has been run by the Lamastus family for four generations. In 1918 the founder of the farm, Robert Lamastus, bought property alongRead More →