Coffee Attendant: Caturra Amarilla

Hits: 43Beans: Caturra Amarilla, single origin. Shop: The Coffee Road, Lima As you might have noticed I like my Peruvian coffee. The thing is that Peru has several climate zones that make for excellent coffee with a lot of different varieties. Today the coffee that I will review is CaturraRead More →

Tazza Caffe

Hits: 62Tazza Caffe: Don’t look for love, look for coffee. When I got Pietro Del Sante Blok’s first whatsapp in the middle of the night I was a bit confused. Here was a stranger who contacted me to ask me if I would be so kind as to visit hisRead More →

Coffee Attendant Italian Coffee Culture Duomo

Hits: 28Blog: Italian Coffee Culture at war. It always feels special to visit Italy. Be it Rome, Venice or Milan; somehow Italy always knows to captivate me with it’s rich history, beautiful people and the many sub-cultures it upholds. Italian Coffee Culture as a pillar Catenaccio (a soccer tactic), theRead More →

Coffee Attendant Obatā

Hits: 14Beans: Obatā (Maria Lucia) Shop: Sofa Cafe, Rio de Janeiro Last week I was in Rio de Janeiro where I visited two coffeeshops: Bastarda Cafe (amazing) and Sofa Cafe (Specialty shop). I took home a batch of Obatā coffee beans which I’m going to review here. Obatā: Background informationRead More →

Coffee Attendant Bastarda Cafe Rio de Janeiro

Hits: 35Rio de Janeiro: Friendly people in a brutal city. Rio de Janeiro is one of the more iconic city’s in the world. Corcovado (the statue of Jesus Christ), the Copacabana beach and the Sugar Loaf mountain are three things that easily pop into your mind when you think ofRead More →

Coffee Attendant Cuba Turquino Lavado

Hits: 101Beans: Cuba Turquino Lavado Shop: Smaak Enzo, Heerhugowaard Today’s review is about the single origin Cuban Turquino Lavado which I picked up at the local shop Smaak Enzo in Heerhugowaard. Rest assured; this bean is widelyspread throughout the world and should be available in lots of countries. Cuba TurquinoRead More →

Coffee Attendant Espresso Escuro package

Hits: 18Beans: Espresso Escuro Shop: Smaak Enzo, Heerhugowaard or webshop Today I will be reviewing the Espresso Escuro by Smaak Enzo, Heerhugowaard. I do not really know alot about this bean other than that it is a dark roasted bean and it is described as the strongest bean they sell.Read More →

Coffee Attendant Barista Origen Coffee Roasters

Hits: 20The Rockstar Life of a Barista How many of you have had the opportunity to meet up with idols like Max Verstappen, Andy Murray or John Legend? I think it is safe to say that of all the people reading this, not one has ever even been in theRead More →