Safe Joey Coffee

Hits: 253Bean: Red Catuai, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. Shop: Brew2Cup, Arnhem, The Netherlands Save Joey Coffee: Background information: The review you are about to read concerns a charity campaign (Save Joey Coffee) of Brew2Cup specialty coffee in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Brew2Cup’s Joey (a cute beagle) was diagnosed with cancer in it’sRead More →

Guatemala Finca Rosma Single Estate Coffee 2

Hits: 24Bean: Caturra/Catuai, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Shop: Single Estate Coffee Together with the Ethiopian Kochere, Single Estate send me the Guatemala Finca Rosma to review. Where the Ethiopian Kochere was a filter roast, the Finca Rosma is a roast for espresso. Let’s see if this blend is just as good asRead More →

Single Estate Coffee Ethiopian Kochere

Hits: 35Bean: Ethiopian Heirloom, Kochere, Ethiopia Shop: Single Estate Coffee, Maasdijk, The Netherlands Ethiopia Kochere: Background information. Single Estate Coffee provided me with a package of Ethiopia Kochere filter coffee from the Yirgacheffe region. The background information I will give you is a bit extensive but bear with me please.Read More →

Merijn Gijsbers

Hits: 17(Photo was taken by Inge van Beekum) Merijn Gijsbers is the 2017 Dutch Barista Champion and participant in the WBC finals in Seoul coming November. Since The Coffee Attendant will be bringing him there next week (the 27th of October 2017), it’s high time we got know Merijn aRead More →

Trakteren Koffie Shopfront

Hits: 32Last weekend I was on my way to Trakteren Koffie in Amsterdam ‘Oud-West’. Amsterdam has lots of coffee-hotspots, but I do not visit the city I was born in too often. Since I was visiting a burger-festival later that evening, I had time to visit just one spot. AfterRead More →

El Triunfo wrapping

Hits: 7Bean: El Triunfo, Caturra-Colombia F6. Shop: ČRNO ZRNO, Ljubljana, Slovenia. El Triunfo: Background information In this review I will tell you about the El Triunfo coffee of ČRNO ZRNO. The El Triunfo is a blend of Caturra and Colombia F6 beans. El Triunfo is grown at an altitude ofRead More →

El Aguacate Crno Zrno logo

Hits: 6Bean: El Aguacate, Caturra, Colombia. Shop: ČRNO ZRNO, Ljubljana, Slovenia El Aguacate; a special story The review of the El Aguacate coffee has a special story to it that I would like to share. A couple of weeks ago, a colleague of mine was travelling through Ljubljana in searchRead More →