Kiriga Estate Has Bean Coffee

Hits: 20Bean: Washed SL28 AA, Ruiru 11 AA Shop: Has Bean Coffee, United Kingdom. Kiriga Estate: Background information. The coffee from ‘Has Bean’ (home to World Barista Champion Dale Harris) that I am reviewing today comes from the Kiriga Estate in Kenya. This Estate has a long history and itRead More →

Finca El Jardin Pedro Nel Truijo Azahar

Hits: 31Bean: caturra yellow, tabi, colombia yellow Shop: Azahar, Bogota, Colombia Finca El Jardin: background information: Finca el Jardin is owned by Pedro Nel Trujillo, an environmentally responsible coffee farmer in the Huilo district of Colombia. On his 36-hectare farm, Pedro cultivates twenty-eight thousand tree’s of Caturra, three thousand tree’sRead More →

PEG Coffee Gelana Abaya G1 coffee

Hits: 20Bean: Gelana Abaya G1, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Shop: PEG Coffee, Taipei, Taiwan Gelana Abaya G1: Background information Let me take you to the Central South part of Ethiopia: the Yirgacheffe region. This region holds many wonderful districts that all produce high quality coffee. One of these districts is the GelanaRead More →

Chemex coffee

Hits: 41In this article I will explain to you what the Chemex is and how it works. In the Hario V60 article, I took you all the way to Japan for it’s history. For the Chemex we will travel back in time to the United States of America. Chemex Review:Read More →

nido interior 2

Hits: 26The city of Taipei is a bustling place full of people, cars and neon-signs. Amidst that storm of stimulus rests a beacon of tranquillity and peace; a coffee shop called Nido. It’s late in the afternoon when I take the MRT metro to the City Hall station of Taipei.Read More →

El Salvador Santa Rosa logo

Hits: 31Bean: Pacamara, Santa Rosa, El Salvador Shop: Coffee Libre, Seoul, South-Korea El Salvador Santa Rosa: Background information. The El Salvador Santa Rosa is produced on the Santa Rosa farm in Chalatenango, El Salvador. The farm was bought by the Rivera brothers, Jorge and Raul, almost 24 years ago. AtRead More →