Beanbox Logo

Hits: 7Today I will review Beanbox; a coffee subscription company that delivers fresh coffee to your home address. Since I am running an advertisement of Beanbox on my website, I wanted to know more about it. This my review about the Beanbox and it’s contents Review: Beanbox – Background information.Read More →

Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2018 feature

Hits: 16The Amsterdam Coffee Festival is back for the fifth year in a row. The famous WesterGasfabriek in Amsterdam plays host to the biggest coffee festival in The Netherlands, hosting over more than 15.000 visitors in one weekend. Professionals, amateurs and coffee lovers alike will be visiting this festival toRead More →

top 10 coffee myths

Hits: 350It is finally time to clear the air about the top 10 coffee myths that I have come across in the recent years. Does Espresso really contain more caffeine than Filter? Is coffee really bad on an empty stomach? Let’s find out! Coffee myths – Number 1: Espresso containsRead More →

Trakteren Koffie Kenya Kambiri

Hits: 6Bean: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Washed, Kambiri, Kenya. Shop: Trakteren Koffie en Thee, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Trakteren Koffie – Kenya Kambiri: Background information. Today’s review is about the Trakteren Koffie Kenya Kambiri. The coffee comes from the Gichugu area, an area that is located at approximately 1600m above sea-levelRead More →

Naked Espresso Dumerso logo

Hits: 16Bean: Yirgacheffe Dumerso, Heirloom, Washed. Shop: Naked Espresso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Naked Espresso – Yirgacheffe Dumerso: Background information. When I visited Naked Espresso in the Warmoestraat in Amsterdam, I was greeted in a most welcome way by Jan en Vojta. The two Baristas made me feel right at homeRead More →