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Hits: 11Bean: Bourbon, San Ignacio, Peru. Shop: Sudden Coffee, roasted by Intelligentsia Coffee, San Francisco, USA. Sudden Coffee – Peru Rayos Del Sol: Background information. When we think of instant coffee, we think of a murky liquid that we only drink when our lives depend on it. This was exactlyRead More →

Barista Jam - Wonsho Hunkute Lot 2

Hits: 9Bean: Heirloom, Washed process, Wonsho Hunkute cooperative, Sidamo, Ethiopia. Shop: Barista Jam, Hong Kong. Barista Jam – Wonsho Hunkute Lot 2: Background information. This coffee is from a Cooperative within the Sidama Union, the Wonsho Hunkute cooperative. This cooperative is known for the high altitude on which the farmersRead More →

Gesha Village Lot 96 The Cupping Room

Hits: 18Bean: Gesha Cultivar, Natural process, Oma Gesha, Ethiopia. Shop: The Cupping Room, Hong Kong. The Cupping Room – Gesha Village lot 96: Background information. In 2011 Adam Overton began developing a 500 hectare coffee farm in Gesha, Ethiopia with one vision in mind: to produce the best coffee inRead More →

World Barista Championship

Hits: 11World of Coffee 2018 is being held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands this year. Starting on Wednesday the 20th of June and ending on the 23rd of June, this event will bring together exhibitioners, the worlds best barista’s and fans from all over the world. There is so much toRead More →

World Barista Championship 2018 Amsterdam

Hits: 139The World Barista Championship are about to start. Over 60 competitors will compete to become the next World Barista Champion. It sounds easy; you brew coffee and the best one wins, right? Basically you are right, but there’s a lot more to it. So how does it all work?Read More →

Hits: 91In this article I will tell you about the best coffee shops in Hong Kong. When people think of Hong Kong they often think of Horse Racing, money, expensive cars and a fast and luxurious lifestyle. Underneath the surface of all that is an old but highly sophisticated coffeeRead More →

Geisha Specialty Coffee - Kenya Kirinyaga logo

Hits: 29>Bean: SL28 and SL34 AB, washed, Kirinyaga County, Kenya. Shop: Geisha Specialty Coffee, Singapore. Geisha Specialty Coffee – Kenya Kirinyaga: Background information. This Kenya Kirinyaga from Geisha Specialty Coffee comes from Kirinyaga County in Kenya. This County is located north-east from Nairobi and harbours many farms in the area.Read More →