Wakuli Abakundakawa Rusashi logo

Hits: 173Beans: Wakuli, Bourbon, Jackson, Mbezi, Gakenke, Rwanda.Shop: Wakuli, webshop, The Hague, The Netherlands. Wakuli – Abakundakawa Rusashi: Background information. Instead of telling a lot about the origin of the coffee, I would like you to meet Wakuli.com. Wakuli is a company that was founded in 2017 by two gentlemenRead More →

Gardelli Shiferaw Alako logo

Hits: 4Beans: Shiferaw Alako, Heirloom, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.Shop: Gardelli, webshop, Forli, Italy. Gardelli – Shiferaw Alako: Background information. This lot is produced by a single farmer named Shiferaw Alako from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Shiferaw Alako brought the coffee cherries to the nearest Ato. Mijane washing station. The Ato. Mijane washing station wasRead More →

Gardelli Carmen Estate

Hits: 38Beans: Gardelli Carmen Estate, Geisha, Washed, Boquete, Panama.Shop: Gardelli, webshop, Forli, Italy. Gardelli – Carmen Estate: Background Information. It has been over nine years ago that Carlos Aguilera planted Geisha coffee on his farm Carmen Estate. In its first year of production Carlos’ Geisha won both a Good FoodRead More →

Blue Tokai Kalledeverapura logo1

Hits: 205Beans: Kalledeverapura, sun pulp dried, S795, Chikmagalur, IndiaShop: Blue Tokai, Mumbai, India. Blue Tokai: Kalledeverapura – Background information. Kalledevarapura Estate dates back to the 1900s and was the first farm Blue Tokai visited before they launched Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. The lush estate is situated at an altitude ofRead More →

Out of the Grey Amedeo logo

Hits: 15Beans: Amadeo blend, Santos, Kenya AA, Sumatra, Colombian.Shop: Out of the Grey, webshop, Pennsylvania, USA. Out of the Grey – Amedeo: Background information. The Amedeo coffee blend belongs to a special line of coffee blends that are sold by Out of the Grey coffee. This special line is calledRead More →

Out of the Grey Sidama Union Heirloom logo

Hits: 13Beans: Sidama Union Heirloom, Heirloom, Natural, Sidama, Ethiopia, Africa.Shop: Out of the Grey, Webshop, Pennsylvania, USA. Out of the Grey – Sidama Union Heirloom: Background information. Ethiopia is famous for the coffee it produces and one of its well known regions is Sidama. Sidama is located in the southRead More →