Symposium Coffee Roasters package

Hits: 10Beans: Zimbabwe Pezuru AA, Catimor, Caturra, Washed, Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe.Shop: Symposium Coffee Roasters, Norwich, United Kingdom. Symposium Coffee Roasters: Background information. Symposium Coffee Roasters is a fairly new coffee roaster that originates out of London as a slot roaster. Stephen, the owner of Symposium who was studying Philosophy inRead More →

Palatu logo package

Hits: 5Beans: Palatu, Caturra, Washed, Imbabura, Ecuador.Shop: Palatu, webshop, Quito, Ecuador. Palatu: Background story. Normally, I would have some information about the roaster and the coffee in this section. Palatu is a fairly new roaster in the city of Quito and I haven’t had the chance of visiting this shopRead More →

Fankor Finca Flora

Hits: 30Beans: Finca Flora, Typica Mejorado, washed, Pichincha, Ecuador.Shop: Fankor, webshop, Quito, Ecuador. Fankor: Background information. Fankor Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster from Quito, Ecuador. The first time I visited this shop, I was met with a competent and friendly Barista called Tom or Tomas. He showed me severalRead More →