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Coffee Tour Roasters – El Cardamomo

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Beans: El Cardamomo, Parainema, washed, El Paraiso, Honduras.
Shop: Coffee Tour Roasters, webshop, Seoul, South Korea.

Coffee Tour Roasters – Background information.

A few years back I was wandering the streets of Seoul, looking for a very hard to find coffee shop called Coffee Tour Roasters. After finding it I was welcomed by friendly staff and before I knew it I was drinking a wonderfull cup of coffee in a super small shop. During my stay, the staff had contacted the owner of Coffee Tour Roasters and he decided to meet up with me.
After a little chat we went to his roastery and I got a grand tour. The quality of coffee in Seoul has always been of high standard and Coffee Tour was no exception. Fast forward a couple of years and add a huge Corona pandemic to the recipe; I was Seoul-bound for work and realised that this could be my chance to review Coffee Tour Roasters. With help of the hotel’s concierge and the staff of Coffee Tour Roasters, I got the coffee delivered at the hotel and it was time to get cracking!

Todays coffee is the Honduran El Cardamomo, a Parainema washed coffee that was grown at an altitude of 1385 meters above sea level. The Coffee was grown near the city of Danli in the El Paraiso department of Honduras.
Danli is the fourth most populated city in Honduras. Altough the area is mostly known for their production of cigars and corn, there are also some coffee farm located there. The area is mountainous, has lots of pine forrests and an ideal climate for growing coffee.

El Cardamomo: Opening the package.

El Cardamomo package

Coffee Tour has simple, yet elegant packaging for their coffee beans. A white package with a degassing valve and a ziplock makes sure the coffee stays fresh. On the front you will find a label with information about the origin, the region, the farm, altitude, process and varietal. You will also find the tasting notes and roasting date below all that. On the back is some information about Coffee Tour Roasters. Just the way we like it.

When opening the package you will find beautofully roasted beans that have no defects at all. The aroma that comes out of the package remind me of chocolate, raisins and a hint of vanilla. The beans are crispy and medium hard. A short spike of sourness pops up when eating a bean, before it turns a little bitter. Only after chewing for a few seconds do you get a flavour of apple jam and tea.

The Tasting.

Coffee Tour Roasters El Comandante

I reviewed Coffee Tour Roasters ‘El Cadamomo’ on the V60, Aeropress and Siphon. I loved the Aeropress brew the most because of the increase in sweetness of the coffee.

During the process of brewing and drinking, this coffee showed many transitions in terms of aroma. When brewing this coffee you will get an initial aroma of seaweed and tea leafs, when pouring the coffee in a glass this all fades away and turns into soft vanilla and jasmin aroma. When smelling from afar you will get sweet sultana/raisins on the nose as well. When the coffee cools down, you will find aroma’s of cinnamon, cloves and caramel mixing with the vanilla and raisins.

How different is it when taking a first sip. The first thing you will notice is how many ‘mixed’ flavours you will find. Let’s start with the vanilla and jasmin note that pops up when the coffee is still hot. These notes are elegant and gentle but wont stay around for long. In the background the flavours of caramlized sugar, caramel and plum ar already pushing to the front. The Jasmin leaves the stage, and as the coffee cools down, it gets sweeter even more. A flavour of raisin/sultana is popping up together with a sweet apple jam note. And this is when the coffee turns a little juicy. Saliva will start to flow into your mouth making each sip a little sweeter.
Now the aftertaste is what gets me the most. Instead of a fruity aftertaste. you will find a more cookie/savoury like aftertaste. Remember the spices I mentioned earlier when talking about the aroma’s? They are back. Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, caramel and honey make a very pleasant mix of flavours that give a full sensation to the coffee. And if you exhale through your nose via a closed mouth, you will get a Magnum Almond Ice Cream flavour that isn’t so much the chocolate, but more the icecream itself. Lovely!
The aftertaste is has a medium length but it so nice! As for mouthfeel, body and acidity: the coffee feels oily in your mouth with a gentle medium acidity that is citric. The body changes from a very light body towards full during the aftertaste.

Coffee Tour Roasters – El Cardamomo: The verdict.

Coffee Tour Roasters Seoul

Coffee Tour Roasters created a divers coffee with the Honduran El Cardamomo. I love how this coffee has so many sides to it. Sweetness in terms of sugar, caramel and the Magnum Icecream note, the jasmin and vanilla floral note, the fruity notes of plum and apple jam, but also the spices in the background.
This coffee has something in it for everyone I guess. Now the coffee tasting notes aren’t as clear as you would find in a 90+ coffee obviously, but if you take a little care in brewing and tasting, you will get your hands on a coffee that is just great in terms of flavour and aroma’s.
If you live abroad it will be very hard to purchase this coffee since it’s only accessible via the store or via a 3rd party webshop. The price, for Europeans at least, is a bit steep but in South Korea this is a very well priced coffee.
Thank you for roasting this coffee!

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