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Beans: Abu Coffee, Geisha Green Tip, Natural, Boquete, Panama.
Shop: By search, worldwide, Panama City, Panama.

Abu Coffee – Background information.

Abu Coffee Geisha Natural bibiana vallejo

Abu Coffee is a rising star in the celestial skies of Geisha farms from Panama. Amidst geisha gianst such as Finca Deborah, La Esmeralda and many more, Abu Coffee is slowly but gradually making a name for itself despite only having 70 acres of land to grow coffee on. Abu Coffee is fairly new as a working farm although they have been around for years already. It wasnt until 2017 that Abu Coffee presented their coffee for the first time at the Best Of Panama competition. Right off the bat they took the 6th place that year with a 91.52 points for their Geisha. Ever since they have been performing great with 90+ Geisha scores throughout the competition.

Abu Coffee was named in honor of the late Jose Guillermo Luttrell Tedman (The Tedman family was one of the first farmers to bring Geisha into Panama). Senor Tedman was lovingly referred to as Abu, which is short for Abuelo (Grandfather in the Spanish language). Jose Luttrell and his wife Bibiana Vallejo Luttrell have taken it upon themselves to continue the legacy of Jose Tedman and dedicate their hearts and souls to the farm, the workers and the coffee itself. The farm is located right outside of Boquete and is surrounded by Finca La Esmeralda. The area is located in the Volcan Baru National Park at an altitude of 1550 meters above sea level. The surroundings are wild and untouched and so it takes hours to get to the farm itself. The farm is surrounded by natural rainforests and wildlife is found all over the farm. The climate, altitude and Bajareque (tropical mist) that you will find in that area create the perfect environment to grow excellent coffee on the farm.

Abu Coffee – Geisha Natural: Opening the package.

Abu Coffee Geisha Natural package

This particular package was given to me by Bibiana and Jose and might be different from the ones you will find on the internet. The Abu Coffee package is gold colored with the logo on the front. The logo depicts the name, the varietal and the process of the coffee. On the back you will find some information about Abu in English and Spanish, the lot number and roasting date. It would have been nice to have some tasting notes on the package as well, but perhaps that will be added in the future. The package comes with a ziplock and a degassing valve to keep the beans fresh and the beans are roasted by Cafe Unido in Panama City. In the near future Coffea Circulor, Stow Coffee, Alt Wien Kaffee and Varietals Coffee might start selling this coffee in Europe so keep an eye out for it.

When opening the package you will get a sweet caramel, chocolate, honey, jasmin and fruity aroma. The sweetness is dominant and lovely on the nose. Eating a bean will give off a soft sour flavour with notes of jasmin tea, oolong tea and peach before turning softly bitter. Grinding the coffee will give you aromas of red fruit, blackberry, blueberry and a hint of wholegrain. Let’s brew!

The tasting.

Abu Coffee Geisha Natural Cafe Unido

I have reviewed this coffee on the Aeropress, V60 and Clever Dripper. The results are pretty similar on all brewers in terms of sweetness, fruityness and floral notes. This particular coffee comes out of Lot 2.

When you start brewing the coffee you will get nice floral notes of Lavender, Jasmin and peach. There is a winey hint on the nose as well. As soon as you pour the coffee into your cup or glass, take in the aroma’s again. Peony rose, honey, hints of stonefruit and jasmin are easily detected. When cooling down there is also a hint of peach popping up, together with notes of red fruit and a hint of chocolate and caramel.

Take a sip and slurp the oxygen inside. The first thing you will notice while the coffee is hot is the mix between white blossom and jasmin that make up the floral notes. There are clear notes of peach and apricot in the front of your mouth that are accompanied by hints of cherry, strawberry and blueberry. Together with these notes you will also find a winey mouthfeel and acidity that will bring a little kick to the tasting. You should be able to notice this in the back of your mouth on the sides of your tongue. As the coffee cools down, the aftertaste will get stronger and notes of caramel, cocoa, vanilla and chocolate pop up next to the fruity notes as stated above.

Remember the winey mouthfeel and acidity from when the coffee was hot? Now that the coffee is cooling down, the winey acidity slowly changes into a soft malic acidity that reminds me of green apple and green grapes. Even when you let the coffee cool down more, the flavours of jasmin and peach still remain firm and give off a very pleasant and lovely palette.

The Verdict.

Abu Coffee Geisha Natural beans

Abu Coffee produces coffee on a small scale and do not have the excess resources to experiment a lot with their harvests. This results in Geisha coffee that tastes like the ‘original’ Geisha coffees from the 2012 – 2015 period.
This natural Lot 2 Geisha has all the original notes and they taste great. Jasmin, Peach, a winey mouthfeel/acidity and chocolaty aftertaste. But there is more to be found in this coffee than just the original notes; lavender, vanilla on the nose for example, several kinds of berries as flavour notes and a changing acidity from winey to malic. The flavours are easy to detect and will linger even when the coffee cools down a lot.
In short: if you are looking for that classic authentic Geisha experience, this Abu Coffee natural is an affordable option to try out in terms of Geisha. For now that is, because I can see the pices for Abu Coffee rising in the near future for sure. Thank you for growing this lovely coffee Jose and Bibiana!

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