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MABO Coffee Roasters: El Paraiso.

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Beans: El Paraiso, Castillo, hyper processed, Piendamo, Cauca, Colombia.
Shop: MABO Coffee Roasters, webshop, Bucarest, Romania.

MABO Coffee Roasters: Background information.

Mabo coffee roasters shop

This El Paraiso comes from Mabo Coffee Roasters, a roaster owned by World Coffee roasting vice-champion Bogdan Georgescu. Bogdan works in the IT business and only started doing Specialty Coffee around 5 years ago. In these past five years, Bogdan managed to become the Romanian roasting champion of 2019 and get the silver medal on the world roasting championships. Nowadays MABO has two shops in the city of Bucarest, the second one opened up not long ago and looks super nice. You will also be able to buy coffee from MABO online worldwide.

This coffee comes from the famous Finca El Paraiso that is owned by Diego Samuel Bermudez. Diego Samuel Bermudez started with his coffee growing project in 2008. To him, growing coffee was fascinating; he loved visiting his friend’s farms and see them growing coffee on the plantation. His family, who didn’t grow coffee at the time, owned a farm that was isolated and so Diego saw the opportunity to grow coffee there. He began a 2.5 hectares coffee project while doing his studies on Agricultural Enterprise Management, thereby seeing the birth of Finca El Paraiso. After years of hard labour and commitment, this farm is a well known name in the coffee industry and Diego has achieved some great things. Most importantly perhaps is the environmental progress his washing station has made:
– He created an industrial plant which allows to make the water used in the processes 60% potable and 40% clean and non-polluting. 
– Pulp treatment; processing of compost, using organic minerals to create fertilizer.
– The pulp with good selection becomes “Cascara”, a by product which can be used for consumption (Ice tea, sodas, hot tea, baking flour etc.).
This Castillo coffee has undergone a hyper process and was grown at an altitude of 1930 meters above sea level.

Opening the package.

Mabo coffee roasters El Paraiso labels package

MABO has changed it’s package since a year or so, and it has been a refreshing way of packaging to me. Instead of a package with art printed on it, they now choose to have a paper label around the package. On the label you will find the old style 30’s art with all the vibrant colors still there. Also, MABO has made sure that all of the information is still on the label: the region, farm, variety, process, altitude, cupping notes and score.
The package still has the ziplock and degassing valve which is always a nice thing to see on packages.
When opening the package you will a wonderful fruity and sweet aroma that is dominated by the aroma of apricot. There is more to the aroma in terms of fruit and I perceive a hint of strawberry as well. The beans are crispy and light roasted, a full on peach and apricot flavour pours into your mouth as soon as you bite down on one. This is intense by just biting down on one, I cant wait to brew it. When you grind the coffee, the apricot and peach is accompanied by a yoghurt-like thickness to the aroma.

El Paraiso: The tasting.

Mabo coffee roasters El Paraiso V60

I have brewed and reviewed this coffee on the Chemex, Hario V60 and Aeropress. All three brewing methods produce a high quality cup, which is not weird because this is one great coffee, period.

When brewing this coffee, the apricot is clearly there. There is also a hint of honey, roses and peach. The whole mixture of aromas makes me think back on the icecream we used to have when I was a kid. The creamy sweet aroma of mixed fruits such a nectarine, peach and apricot of course.
When the coffee is hot, the roses and apripcot make out most of the palette. You can already feel the creamy mouthfeel and medium citric acidity. There is a freshness to the coffee when you swallow it after swirling it round in your mouth. Slurping this coffee will only intensify the apricot flavour.
When you let the coffee cool down a little, it becomes more creamy in a way. It is from this point on that the coffee has this yoghurt fruity flavour palette. In the aftertaste there is sugared tea, a hint of strawberry, blueberry and once more that freshness. The apricot doesn’t leave the scene either and the aftertaste lingers for quite some time. What a coffee!

Notice how the coffee is juicy, but not overly much. The medium acidity and the juicy character makes it so that you will finish your coffee way too fast haha.

MABO Coffee Roasters – El Paraiso (2022): The verdict.

Mabo coffee roasters bogdan georgescu

Once in a while I get a coffee that is just so easy to review. Everything is right: the roasting, the flavours, the aroma’s, the aftertaste and mouthfeel. What else is there to say about this MABO Coffee Roasters El Paraiso? That you should buy it? That you should run to the shop to get your hands on a package? That Bogdan is an amazing roaster?
In short; if you are looking for a fruit-bomb in your cup, a cup full with apricot, peach, rose and hints of strawberry and blueberry in the aftertaste? then this is your coffee.

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