Thai Specialty Coffee logo

Hits: 13Beans: Sun Jaroen, Caturra Yellow, Caturra Red, Washed, Nan, Thailand.Shop: Thai Specialty Coffee, webshop, The Netherlands. Thai specialty Coffee: background information. The story of Thai Specialty Coffee started back in 2004, when owner Martin went to Thailand for the first time. Falling in love with the people, the cultureRead More →

Kava Roastery Banko Gotiti package

Hits: 4Beans: Kava Roastery, Banko Gotiti, Heirloom, Washed, Worka, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.Shop: Kava Roastery, Webshop, Split, Croatia. Kava Roastery: Background information. Kava roastery owners Ivana & Marko are a couple that, while shooting weddings around the globe, somehow fell in love with specialty coffee. Back home in 2018 they decided to rent aRead More →

Salt Lake Roasting Co Label

Hits: 10Beans: Kenya, SL28, Ruiru 11, Washed, Kirinyaga, Kenya.Shop: Salt Lake Roasting Company, webshop, Salt Lake City, USA. Salt Lake Roasting Company: background information. In 1981 Salt Lake Roasting Company started their business and has been a steady entity in Salt Lake City coffee scene. The coffee shop has recentlyRead More →

Alt Wien Kaffee Samaipata Bourbon package

Hits: 9Beans: Tacu y Trapiche, Bourbon, Washed, Samaipata, Bolivia.Shop: Alt Wien Kaffee, webshop, Vienna, Austria. Alt Wien Kaffee – Samaipata Bourbon: background information. Alt Wien Kaffee (roaster of this Samaipata Bourbon coffee) is a typical Viennese coffee shop located just outside the centre of Vienna. Aside from the Viennese architecture,Read More →

Sumo Coffee Roasters El Obraje

Hits: 31Bean: El Obraje, Gesha, washed, Narino, Colombia.Shop: Sumo Coffee Roasters, webshop, Dublin, Ireland. Sumo Coffee Roasters: Background information. Talking about a new player in the Irish coffee scene: Sumo Coffee Roasters was founded in the summer of 2020 by Daniel Horbat. To people in the Irish coffee scene, andRead More →

WOW Coffee Barkume Package

Hits: 17Beans: Barkume, Heirloom, washed, Guji, Ethiopia.Shop: WOW Coffee, webshop, Oeiras, Portugal WOW Coffee – Background information. It was during my trip to Lisbon in Portugal that encountered WOW Coffee for the first time. I did see a few of their coffees pass by on Instagram but never pursued theRead More →

Keen Coffee Agau de Nieve

Hits: 28Beans: Agua de Nieve, Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, washed, Jauga, Peru.Shop: Keen Coffee, webshop, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Keen Coffee: Background information. In the centre of The Netherlands lies the city of Utrecht. A city known for it’s marvelous cathedral, canals and bustling everyday life. It is also host to KeenRead More →

Coffee Tour Roasters

Hits: 51Beans: El Cardamomo, Parainema, washed, El Paraiso, Honduras.Shop: Coffee Tour Roasters, webshop, Seoul, South Korea. Coffee Tour Roasters – Background information. A few years back I was wandering the streets of Seoul, looking for a very hard to find coffee shop called Coffee Tour Roasters. After finding it IRead More →